Case Study

Software Company

Delivery & Operations

The Challenge

Large software company focused on custom implementations needed a solution to maximize resource utilization. The company struggled to understand their ability to fulfill existing and future project demands. They needed real-time information to ensure full utilization and allocation of available resources to maximize staff productivity and meet project deadlines within budget. Off-the-shelf solutions required significant customizations and were proving to be too costly to implement.

The Solution

An automated and fully customized Excel based resource model that consolidated forward forecasts of resources across the company. The solution intelligently provided over and under allocated resources by project and role and facilitated the allocation of resources in the future to maximize staff utilization.

The Benefits

  • Ensured full utilization of resources leading to significant cost savings
  • Enabled better planning to meet business demands
  • Provided insightful information into the company’s resource needs and removed the guess work out of hiring
  • Delivered customized solution in less than one month justifying build your own versus off the shelf purchase

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