Case Study

Investment Bank


The Challenge

Large investment bank with close to 100 varying projects within their compliance division struggled to understand the macro level view of their portfolio of projects and their status on meeting and delivering on FED mandated requirements within a pre-defined budget.

The Solution

An automated Excel based model integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and the bank’s cost management system. The solution provided both macro and comprehensive detailed views on the health and financial performance of each project within the compliance portfolio that delivered on FED mandated requirements.

The Benefits

  • Significantly reduced the overhead required to manage the portfolio of projects
  • Delivered FED requirements prior to regulation deadlines
  • Accomplished key business objectives under budget
  • Time to market from inception to go-live less than 2 months
  • Allowed for “on-demand” status reporting and related synergies across projects for executive decision making
  • Reduced operational cost by eliminating data and other operational redundancies
  • Provided transparency and predictability into the overall health of each project, freeing project owners to assume other tasks

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